Core team

The core team members who administer the cookietemple project are listed below:

moveLukas "Zeth" Heumos
movePhilipp "Farwent" Ehmele

We regularly review members - if you'd like to be involved, join our Discord server.

All cookietemple community members are expected to adhere to our code of conduct.


cookietemple was initially developed by Lukas Heumos (GitHub/Twitter) and Philipp Ehmele (GitHub/Twitter) since the beginning of 2020.

We noticed a lack of standardization in the structure of complex projects even in the same domain/application space. This makes it harder, especially for new developers, to join existing projects and work together in a collaborative environment.

It was our aim to contribute cookietemple as a tool to tackle this problem to the open-source community. The inital release has been in September 2020 and we're planning to consistently develop cookietemple further together with the open-source community.