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We use a few different tools to organise the cookietemple community - you are welcome to join us at any or all!

All cookietemple community members are expected to adhere to the cookietemple code of conduct

cookietemple on Discord cookietemple on GitHub @cookietemple on twitter


If you would like to contribute to cookietemple, Discord is the best place to start.

Discord is a real-time messaging tool, with discussion split into channels and groups. We use it to provide help to people with cookietemple, as well as discussing development ideas. You can join the cookietemple Discord server here.

GitHub organisation

If you encounter a bug or have a suggestion, please create an issue in cookietemple┬┤s repository.

We use GitHub to manage all of the code written for cookietemple. It is a fantastic platform and provides a huge number of tools. All of our projects are provided by the cookiejar organization.


The @cookietemple is cookietemples official Twitter account with latest news, releases and features of cookietemple. See