An open source project to create state-of-the art templates for all domains.

For users

Highly customizable, ready-to-use templates for project setup in seconds.

For developers

A community to build standardized, well-architectured templates to accelerate your workflow.

For companies

Standardize your development workflow using our streamlined templates.

Cookietemple is an open-source effort to standardize and accelerate project setup to especially simplify the development in a team.


cookietemple provides standardized templates for many domains using different languages, frameworks and usecases.


Choose from several options such as testing or web frameworks to make your template fit exactly what you need.


Extensive documentation covering installation, usage and every template in detail ensures that you will not be left alone in the dark.

CI Testing

Each template comes with ready-to-use GitHub Workflows per default.

Stable Releases

Each released template is designed, tested and approved by the community.


cookietemple thrives on active development by the open-source community to build new templates.

Get started in minutes

cookietemple currently offers support for Linux and MacOS.

It comes with a bunch of useful commands to make your life during development easier.

Make sure to check out the documentation for details.

# Install cookietemple
pip install cookietemple

# Get an overview of all commands
cookietemple --help

# Check out all available templates
cookietemple list

# Get started and create your first project
cookietemple create

See what's available

Check out the available templates to see if we have what you need. Each comes with release details, keywords and a description.

Available templates

Need help?

Check out our public channels and join them to get help and see whats going on over there.

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Get into the code

If you're interested in contributing to cookietemple, take a look at the developer documentation to see what's required.